Possible to exclude Studio locked segments?

We have many projects with locked segments, in various translations state (including ICE and untranslated).

Excluding by ICE is not trustworthy since there are some ICE unlocked segments that need to be considered.

Would it be possibile to really filter locked segment and perform all checks ignoring locked segments?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Hi Enrico,

We have created a task in our DB to distinguish ICE and locked segments when running QA and searches.


Dear Oscar,
thank You for replying.

I’m not sure I’ve understood your suggestion, unless you’re referring to checking a segments db with xbench.
I have to check several sdlxliff files, and I can’t filter locked segments before checking them.

Dear Enrico,

In the most recent public build of Xbench 3.0 is not possible to distinguish between ICE and locked segments. However, at ApSIC, this issue will be considered so that it may be possible to filter ICE and locked segments in the future.


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This is really good news, thank you very much!

Best regards.


Enrico, it is indeed good news that this functionality may be added to XBench.

However, until it is, there is a plugin for Studio called the XLIFF toolkit that you can use to create a temporary xliff file that excludes the locked segments. This temporary file can then be loaded into XBench for a quality check.


Kind regards,

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Thank you, Neil,
XLIFF toolkit is a great tool, sadly in my case is not quite practical because I have many (sometimes between 1000 and 2000) small files and this way I loose the corrispondence with the original file and segment number, which is so precious in the xBench QA.

So this functionality in XBench will be much loved.

Best regards