Specific controls on source: how to check untranslated segments

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I am trying to detect forbidden words in source prior to sending files to translation. I have built a personal checklist which specifics rules only in Source whereas in Target I write an asterisk (*) (RegExp mode). I have used Test mode with the rules and got some matchings. But then I run a QA with that personal checklist and I don’t get any results.
Segments are all untranslated, is that the reason? As soon as I write a translation and confirm the segment, then I get results.
How can I check source segments without having to “translate” the segments?

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It depends on the CAT tool. In general, Xbench does not load segments as translated if they have not been confirmed in the ongoing translation files.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention, it was with SDL Studio.

But what I need is just to be able to check source segments, regardless of whether they have been translated or not. Or else, the ability for a checklist to control segments loaded as untranslated.

Is that possible at all?



Xbench does not run checklists on untranslated segments.

However, you have the following trick:

  1. Load on Xbench the file or files with untranslated segments.
  2. In Xbench, choose Tools->Export items to export the project to .txt format.
  3. With *Windows Explorer, right-click on the .txt you just exported and choose Run QA in Xbench.

Now you can use your source-only Xbench checklists.