How to catch extra line breaks in "Source" language?


I just want to check if there lies an extra line break in the “Source” (not target) language.

Is there any filter for Xbench to find them out in the QA report?

圖片 003

Can I use a general regex or something else?

Thanks a lot for your attention and help, and I am sorry for starting with a huge request.

All the best to everyone. :slight_smile:

Could you please show how linebreaks are displayed in the CAT tool and the bilingual file loaded in Xbench?


Dear Sir,

Yes, please refer to the picture below for your reference:

The CAT tool is SDL Trados.

Please let me know if any suggestions.

I really appreciate your reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

Since Trados segmentation rules are set in order to split segments when finding a linebreak, linebreaks are not loaded in Xbench. Therefore, Xbench is not able to detect additional or missing linebreaks.

A workaround would be to change segmentation rues in Trados Studio so that linebreaks do not split segments but are considered as inline tags.

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