How to catch extra line break in target translation

I want to check if there lies an extra line break in the target translation, which doesn’t exist in the source.
After reading the help, it seems Xbench doesn’t support \n to catch line break as the general regex does.


The line break tag depends on the CAT tool and source file format. Please, add your bilingual file to an Xbench and search for a segment that contains line breaks. Could you post the source or target text from Xbench?


The bilingual file is sdlxliff and it’s added an extra line break symbol.

I have created a Studio project to translate a Word and Powerpoint file.
When adding line breaks to .sdlxliff files, Xbench loads them as spaces.

If additional line breaks are added at the beginning or end of the target text, Xbench will detect when checking Content check group > Leading/Trailing Mismatch.

Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 10.03.40

If additional line break is added in the middle of the target, you should be able to detect it when checking double blanks if a space has been added before or after the line break.

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OK, thanks for reply, will try to tick this check in the future.