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Extra line breaks in target (in the middle of the segment)


I’m trying to catch extra line breaks in the target. The CAT tool I’m working with is ATMS (and the bilingual doc is an mxliff file). I have the following segment:

This is what I have tried so far after checking this thread:

  1. Leading/Trailing Mismatch check - It works for line breaks added at the end of the segment but not for line breaks inserted in the middle of a segment.
  2. Double Blank check - It doesn’t seem to flag a space + a line break.
  3. I have also checked the list of characters for Xbench Regular Expressions, but I find nothing for line breaks.

Is there a way Xbench can flag this issue? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Paula,

How does Xbench 3.0 display that segment? Is it a tag or space?


Hi Òscar,

Thank you for your quick response! This is how Xbench 3.0 is displaying this segment:

There is no extra space or tag showing.