Trailing spaces

Bonjour All, I’ve been looking for weeks about a way to verify that the trailing spaces (spaces at the end of a sentence) are identical in both source and target and cannot find information about this

Could anyone of you help me set this up? I’de be forever grateful


As leading and trailing spaces are currently removed when loading in Xbench, it is not possible to check that trailing spaces match in both source and target.

However, we have created a task so that this issue can be considered for a future release.

Many many thanks, respecting source trailing space is actually a requirement for many clients


any news on this feature?
I’d really like to check the spaces at the end of a segment with Xbench.

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I actually logged in to this forum to ask if there’s a bug with trailing spaces in target being deleted :slight_smile: I created my own regular expression to detect final punctuation mismatch — it triggers when a segment that has a trailing colon in source doesn’t have it in target.

When I ran it yesterday it filtered a segment that had a colon and a space in source and just a colon in target. Good, a tiny detail, but worth noticing. However when I moved to Studio it appeared that target segment also had a colon followed by a trailing space.

I hope this will get solved soon, that’s functionality I’d very much like to have working. I just started working with a client who demands that trailing spaces be consistent across all files…

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From build 1434 on, Xbench loads leading and trailing spaces. In fact, leading and trailing blanks mismatch QA check has been added.

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