RegEx for "*"+"blank space" at the beginning of a segment

Hi Xbench team,

Hope anyone can help me. Is there any way to search for segments in the target that do not contain “"+“blank space” at the beginning of the segment?
We need now to have always "
”+“blank space” in the target. I have tried so far with

Target: *[:space]

Wrong: *Der Kunde…
Correct: * Der Kunde…

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Even though the following search should work, it will find many false results:
Target: -^\*[:space:]
Search mode: Regular Expressions

If the source contains * + blank space at the beginning and target should start in the same way, the following search would be more adequate:

Source: ^\*[:space:]
Target: -^\*[:space:]
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On.

That was amazing fast. Tried and worked. Thank you so much. Created also a RegEx for “#”.