How do I check for non-breaking space in target?

I would like to create an automate search for absence of non-breaking spaces in target: e.g. “Software -[nbsp] 1.0”.

I need to ensure that there is a non-breaking space between software name and version in target, so I would like to search for hits where it is absent.

However, I did not figure out who to make Xbench differentiate between non-breaking spaces and normal whitespace.

You can check whether there is not a non-breaking space between the software name and the version number with this search expression:

Source: "Software[:space:]1\.0"
Target: -"Software\x00a01\.0"
Search settings: Regex Mode, Powersearch (Ctrl+P)

\x00a0 stands for non-breaking space (hexadecimal code).

Note that you should replace Software with the actual program name and that the dot (.) in the version number must be escaped with a backslash (\). If not, the dot means any character in Regex.

With these search settings, Xbench will display all segments that contain Software + whitespace + VersionNumber in the source text and do not have Software + non-breaking space + VersionNumber in target.