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Hi :slight_smile:

Xbench checklist newbie here :smiley:

I have been reading all the discussion topics on here - those are very helpful! Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask if you could help with a checklist item creation for a particular case. It is always in EN.
The check in question needs to check for the following:

[loopvar: (other stuff)]

  • there is a space after the “:” in this segment and it needs to flag every time there isn’t a space after the “:”, i.e. between the “loopvar:” and the rest of the segment in the brackets.

It doesn’t need to be in the brackets " ", but those segments do come in the brackets usually.

Thank you kindly in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

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This search should fit your needs:

Source: \:[:space:]
Target: -\:[^[:space:]]
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: on

Thank you for the quick help! :slight_smile:
I tried it now, but it seems to detect all spaces in the entire text.
I added “loopvar”, as such:

Source: loopvar:[:space:]
Target: -loopvar:[[1]]
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: on

But it seems to have the opposite effect to what I need, as it flags only the instances where there is a space.

I would need it to flag such instances:
Source: Belgium [loopvar: 32]
Target: Belgium [loopvar:32]

(in the target, there’s no space after the “loopvar:”)
Do you think you can help me out with this? :slight_smile: Thanks!

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