Finding spaces missing before parenthesis

I have noticed that Xbench does not detec missing spaces between words or before a parenthesis. For example:

“My house(which is blue) has eight windows”.

Strangely enough, Xbench does not detect this.
Is there any way I can add it to my personal checklist?
Any help will be much appreciated.

The following search should help you to find missing spaces before an opening parenthesis or after a closing parenthesis).

Target term: [^[::space]]\( OR \)[^[:space:]]
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On.

Spell-checking should detect missing spaces between words.



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Hi Oscar, Thanks for your reply, I am afraid that the formula does not work.


This is the message appearing in Xbench. Could you please advice about how to proceed?

Rosario, I entered a typo. Please use this one.

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Thank, Óscar and Rosario.

Óscar, would you do the following to avoid FPs with punctuation after the closing parenthesis?


This search should find closing parenthesis followed by any character that does not belong to the [:space:] special set plus an alphabetic character.

It should find the following strings:


But will not find done), a

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I followed the search settings you have provided but an error appeared.
Which part have I done wrongly?
Please advise.

If the search mode is regular expressions, the parentheses characters must be escaped to be searched as characters.

My Windows locale was set to Japanese so the backslash is displayed as yen symbol.
I used another PC with English locale and backslash is displayed properly now but the same error message is still displayed.

I am having the same issue as the above post.
For some reason, the rule for the opening bracket works fine in PowerSearch, but the rule for the closing bracket does not work with PowerSearch.

I think a workaround is to use two separate Checklist items instead of using OR (one rule for the opening bracket and the other for the closing bracket).