Xbench doesn't see redundant space at the beginning

We use Xbech version 3.0.1367
Could you please have a look at the issue and suggest, why xbench may incorrectly treat redundant space at the beginning of sentence?

I cannot attach more than 1 screenshot to my first topic. That is why I leave a Screenshot of searching the string in the SDLXLIFF file (uploaded to Xbench for QA), where you can see, that redundant space is not displayed.

  1. Screenshot of SDLXLIFF file with extra space before the text.
  2. Screenshot of Xbech report + report itself (XLS file) can be uploaded by request.


Thank you.

Currently Xbench trims leading and traling whitespace in the segment, so you cannot search for it. It was a design decision that has to do with the Terminology search features of Xbench.

That said, eventually we will support searching for leading and trailing whitespace because there are some QA use cases where such whitespace is relevant.