"Untranslated" segments that appear translated in the XTM environment

Some segments that appear translated in XTM appear as “Untranslated” in Xbench when the QA is run on the exported files.

Inside the .xlf that is exported the state-qualifiers appear to be correct (“Translated”) so maybe Xbench is not reading the properties in the XLIFF correctly?

Do you have any idea or possible workaround for this situation?
Thank you!

Rocío Abelleira
Amplexor Language Lead

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How do you obtain the XLIFF file? Are you using the Xbench integration introduced in XTM 11.2?

If you are exporting the XLIFF files manually (not via the new Xbench-XTM integration), are these XLIFF files that you imported on XTM? If so, then make sure that you export the XTM XLIFF, not the “target” XLIFF.


Thank you for your quick reply. I am using hte Xbench integration with XTM 11.2.

Thank you!

I wonder if perhaps there is some issue in the identification of the XTM XLIFF dialect and then the parser defaults to vanilla XLIFF.

Would it be possible that you send us via Xbench support the .xbpkg file that is downloaded after you click Open Xbench?


I could not submit the actual file (as this is client confidential) but I replicated the issue in a fake project and the issue is still there. I have submitted the file as a bug through your support page.

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: