Seeing unconfirmed segments in SDLXLIFF files

Still using Xbench 2.9. When I search SDLXLIFF files (ongoing translation), draft targets are not shown in search result (they show as *** Untranslated ***, which is hardly helpful). Can this behavior be changed? If not in 2.9, what about 3.0?

Unconfirmed segments are considered as untranslated in Xbench 2.9 and 3.0.

You should confirm segments before running QA in Xbench.

I am not running a QA, I am performing searches WHILE I am revising a translation, so I need to search all segments, even the unconfirmed ones (I cannot confirm them before I have revised them).
I see now that the way to go would have been opening the file in Studio for review, instead of unconfirming all segments before starting the revision in translation mode… Oh well…

The main reason we consider unconfirmed segments to be untranslated is to prevent unconfirmed pretranslated fuzzy matches from appearing in the search results, which can be tricky if you are not familiar with the project terminology.

We prefer to ensure that someone has previously confirmed that the target text is indeed the translation of the source text (something we know about a fuzzy match is that it is not the translation of the source text).