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Unedited fuzzy matches in Wordfast Pro appear as untranslated in Xbench


When I load a Wordfast TXML file on Xbench, I notice that when I search for text or run a QA, such unedited fuzzy matches appear as untranslated in Xbench.

I would like to be able to see the target text, even if the fuzzy match is unedited.


Apparently, in Wordfast Pro there is no safe way to tell if a translator forgot to translate a fuzzy match or if she did it in purpose.

We are not keen to make the default behavior consider a fuzzy match translated after a leverage, because in several workflows, some people use TXML bilingual files for reference as they work. We believe that showing unedited fuzzy matches as legitimate search results could confuse the translator in some cases.

We recommend acquiring the habit of adding and removing a blank space in a unedited fuzzy segment as a method to validate it. This way Xbench will be able to distinguish among forgotten fuzzy matches (which will be still unedited with a score lower than 100) and manually modified/confirmed by the translator.

Also, the trick of making a fake modification of the unedited fuzzy segment to change it to a modified state will also allow you (and your client) to upload the segment to the memory for future reuse as a 100% match in the next iteration of the document.

If you leave it as unedited fuzzy match, you cannot use the Commit Segment to TM command and the segment is not uploaded to the memory, so it will be a fuzzy match every time you process future updates of the document.


It makes sense when they are uneditted fuzzy matchtes.

But what sense does it make when they are auto-propgragated 100%s and confirmed?


100% matches and autopropagated matches in a TXML file are considered translated segments.


Really? X-bench keeps displaying a bunch of segments as “untranslated
segment” straight after I have auto-propagated them, and it solves nothing
if I do a fake edition… actually it’s not showing all of them, but just a
few… of the ones I just auto-propagated. I have no clue of what’s

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Which version of Xbench and Wordfast Pro are you using?

If I try it with Xbench 3.0 build 1370 for a TXML file saved with Wordfast 3.4.10, it seems to work fine.