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Extracting fuzzy match/no match strings from xliff files

Xbench seems quite good at finding fuzzy/new strings in xliff files.
But is it possible to export all such strings from a xliff file in a subset for review/external spell checking?

In Xbench 3.0, you can check spelling in a variety of languages. To install a dictionary, go to Tools > Spell Checking Dictionaries. Select the language and click Install.

To spell check only new and fuzzy segments, go to the QA tab.

  1. At the Spell-Checking Check Group, select your language.
  2. At the QA toolbar, select Only New Segments, Exclude ICE Segments and Exclude Locked Segments at the Options section.
  3. Click Check Ongoing Translation.

To check grammar or text in a language not available at Tools > Spell Checking Dictionaries, do the following:

  1. Go to Tools > Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word.
  2. At the Filtering select Only New Segments, Exclude ICE Segments and Exclude Locked Segments and press Ok.
  3. In Word, select the target column and apply the language.

To fix an offending issue, select the text in Word and press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to search in Xbench. Then, select the segment at the search results list and press Ctrl+E to edit segment.

Thanks, but what I would like to do is to export the fuzzy/new segments and spell-check them in Word.

The reason for this is I am getting lots of small files in XTM where only a small part is new. It is not possible to create a single file from these snippets of translation, and Studio does not make the difference between new and fuzzies from the exported xliff files…

You can export only new/fuzzy segments following these steps. However, please note that the Xbench spell checker uses also the Word spell checker.

Brilliant, that should sort my problem