Checking monolingual files (DOCX) with Xbench

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I have been looking for a way to check several monolingual DOCX files for spelling mistakes and specific regex expressions using Xbench. Can anybody help? I would like to quickly review a folder that contains several DOCX files without having to convert them to a bilingual format. Can anybody think of a way to quickly do this? Thanks a lot.



Xbench requires a bilingual format to load a file and run QA. It is not possible to check monolingual files.

Anyway it would be very helpful adding the option of loading files before being translating and running a checklist. So we could send a translator only the information that are relevant for the specific files.

Is it to complicated to add this feature or don’t you see an added value?

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Me I’m takling about the sdlxliff files of course, with no entries in the target.

@germantranslator, one quick and dirty trick could be converting the docx files to .txt tab-delimited file with same text in source and target and then load the .txt in Xbench (for example selecting them in Windows File Explorer, right-click and choose Run QA in Xbench.

The following Word macro allows you save all .docx in a folder to .txt files that you can load in Xbench:

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Hi pcondal, thanks for your suggestion, I just tried it out and this script is helpful indeed. Thanks a lot!