How can I run docx. file on Xbench? (it is bilingual.)



I’d like to run QA for this word file.

The format looks like the pic above.

When I added the word file, it is set as Trados word file and it doesn’t return any result.

Should I edit the setting or change the format of the word file? Please help me. Thank you.

This is not a Trados Word file. You may add the bilingual file the CAT tool created when translating (e.g. a .sdlxliff Trados Studio file or mqxlz file).

As a workaround, you can follow these steps to check the content of your Word file:

  1. Create a copy of the file.
  2. Replace any line breaks or paragraph breaks inside the cells with a space, for instance.
  3. Copy the content of the file to a text file and save your file with Unicode encoding.
  4. Right-click the .txt file and run QA in Xbench.
  5. Search and fix any issue in your Word file.



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I’ve just tried the workaround and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: