Missing languages for spell checking

Is it possible to add other langue dictionaries for spell checking than onyl the ones that can be selected from the list in xbench?


For languages not present in the list of spell-checking dictionaries, go to Tools > Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word to check spelling and grammar.

You must have the corresponding dictionary for Word installed on your computer.

You may contact support to suggest new spell-checking dictionaries.

Hi Omartin,

Isn’t there a way to use other dictionaries, because for this specific language Word dictionary is complete crap. But if I get it right, there is no way to use other (custom, hunspell,…) dictionaries within Xbench. That’s very bad. :frowning:


Which language are you interested in?

Luxembourgish for example. But variants for German and French like for Austria, Belgium or Luxembourg would also be interesting.

Xbench spell-checking dictionaries use hunspell dictionaries. I have found the following ones:

  1. Luxembourgish
  2. Austrian German (de-AT frami)
  3. Swish German

Apparently, there no French variants apart from Canadian French.

Strange for French, because at least Belgium should have another one, as they have a completely different vocabulary for some words.
Nevertheless, it would be good if users could add their own dictionaries for languages at any time, so we could set up own dictionary files if there are no existing ones that far and/or add files with additional words, that are not contained in existing dictionaries. (I know that the hunspell one for Luxembourg contains a lot of wrong words and is missing a lot of correct ones. :frowning:

Thanks for looking up, now how do I get them into my xbench?

At the moment, it is not possible to add your own dictionaries. If dictionaries are good enough, they will be added to the spell-checking dictionary list of Xbench to be installed.

Meanwhile, go to Tools > Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word to check spelling and grammar. If you find any issue, select text and press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to search text in Xbench.

as already stated above: MS word spell check is crap for some languages, especially Luxembourgish. Furthermore there is no point for me to use several tools to check a language if it could be done with a single one, if it was correctly correctly set up.

You have to use a default dictionary because Xbench doesn’t provide support for custom dictionaries like hunspell.

When exporting ongoing translation to MS Word, you may specify a different output path and open the exported Word file with Open Office or Libre Office.
You should be able to check the content with the hunspell dictionary.