NO spellcheck with dictionaries installed


I downloaded and installed Xbench 3.0 64 bit. I installed few dictionaries, however, the spellcheck doesn’t appear in the list of the Check group. What shall I do?


Hi Luisa,

If you shutdown (Project > Shut down Xbench) and run the application again, the Spell-checking check group should appear at the QA tab.

Please check that to install any dictionary, go to Tools > Spell-Checking Dictionaries. If you downloaded the dictionaries from this blog post, these dictionaries are prepared for Xbench 2.9. They are not compatible with Xbench 3.0 and should be removed manually.


Thanks Òscar problem solved. After installing all dictionaries you actually have to shut down Xbench completely (not just closing the window) and then reopen it, I didn’t know that.

Thanks for your help!