Korean spell check error



There is an error on Xbench Korean spellcheck.
The spellcheck is good on the 1st check.
But there is error message like the screenshot on 2nd check.
I have to close Xbench and restart to spellcheck.

How to solve this?


If you go to Tools->Spell-checking Dictionaries which build number do you get for Korean?

Also, which Xbench 3.0 build do you have (in Help->About?

Finally, which version of Windows do you have? In a Command Prompt, type the ver command. For example:


Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]


My information is here.

  • Spell-checking dictionaries Build number is 6
  • Xbench 3.0 Build 1444 64-bit edition
  • Windows 10.0.17134.471


Hello, Seonho:

We have not been able to reproduce this issue in the following environment:

  • Xbench 3.0 build 1444 64-bit edition
  • Spell-checking dictionary: Korean, build 6
  • Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.134] (a most recent build of Windows 10)

If this issue systematically happens after some specifics steps by checking a specific file, please contact support to submit a bug, specifying the steps necessary to reproduce this issue together with a sample file.


Hi Seonho,

If this issue stills occurs, please try the following:

  1. Uninstall Xbench 3.0 from the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Go to the Xbench installation folder (e.g. typically C:\Program files\ApSIC\Xbench).
  4. Delete all remaining files on that folder.
  5. Download and install Xbench 3.0 from https://www.xbench.net/index.php/download.
  6. In Xbench, go to Tools > Spell-Checking Dictionaries to install any dictionary.
  7. QA and spell-check any bilingual file (memoQ, Studio, etc.).

Does this error still occur?