Issue when spell-checking with Xbench after upgrade to Windows 10

I’m using Xbench 3.0 build 1367 32-bit on a machine that has been upgraded to Windows 10

I’m having an issue: Xbench stops responding when I try to spell-check. If I cancel the “Windows is trying to find a solution” message then I get an error code.

Is Xbench 3.0 spell-checking compatible with Windows 10?

Are your spell-checking dictionaries updated to the latest build? You can check if your spell-checking dictionaries are up to date in Tools->Spell-checking Dictionaries.

Older dictionaries might not be compatible with Windows 10

After update the dictionaries the tool runs flawlessly again under W10.

Thanks a lot for your help!

I’m still having the same crash issue with Xbench 2.9, however I cannot seem to be able to find any newer dictionaries than those from 2008, and those are still crashing. Is there any chance to be able to use the freeware version with spell checking with Windows 10 or is it completely abandoned in favor of the paid one?

@tonid, Xbench 2.9 development stopped in 2011 so the latest version of Windows supported by Xbench 2.9 is Windows 7.

Only Xbench 3.0 (paid subscription, but available with a 30-day trial of actual use days, not calendar days) fully supports Windows versions more recent than Windows 7.