Spell-Checking Dictionaries option does not appear in Tools

I don’t have the Spell-Checking Dictionaries option in Tools. I see only: Setting, Edit Source, Export Items, Export QA results, Check Ongoing Translation, Edit Key Terms, Manage Checklists, Add last search to checklist.
How can I make it appear?


Hi Agata,

If the Tools menu does not have the Spell-Checking Dictionaries option, you are running Xbench 2.9, the freeware version. For more information on installing the dictionaries in Xbench 2.9, consult this blog entry.

If you want to run Xbench 3.0, download and install the software from the download section of the web.

In this case, we highly recommend you to uninstall Xbench 2.9 previously and remove any remaining file from the Xbench 2.9 installation folder (typically, C:\Program files\ApSIC\Xbench) before installing Xbench 3.0.


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