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How to check whether the number of a certain source word is the same as that of the corresponding translated word in one segment

I have been using power search for QA.
Power search is able to check whether there is a translated word of a certain source word.
However, when there are two or more same source words in one source segment and there is only one corresponding translated word in the corresponding target segment, it seems that power search is not able to check this error.

For example, in the case where although the word “medicine” appears twice in one source segment, the translated word (for example, “Medizin” in German) appears only once in the corresponding target segment, is it not possible to check such an error by power search or any other function? Or is there any way to check such an error?


The following search should detect those segments in which there is 0 or one instance of the translated term and that contain Medicine twice in source.

Source: "Medicine" "Medicine>.*<Medicine"
Target: -"Medizin" OR -".*Medizin.*Medizin"
PowerSearch: On.
Search mode: Regular Expressions