Search numeric mismatch in certain condition

I wonder if I can search segments with numeric mismatch only when both source and target include numbers, in order to avoid false positive errors like below:

source: 2
target: two

Or, is it possible to run a QA check in the search result?
I thought of creating a new project with the exported search result, but it will make source tracking very hard…

This search should help you:

Source: 2
Target: -two -2
Search mode: simple
PowerSearch: On
Match Whole Word checkbox: On

A checklist entry should be created for each number in the same way.


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I tried this (just the other way around):
Source: two
Target: -2

But if I change the target to e.g. -300 I get no hits although I have strings in my file (tab delimited txt) that contain two in the source and 2 in the target.

Any ideas?