Check for a source term with a target "different than"

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I am looking for a way to search for a term that is NOT translated the right way.

For example :

  • numerization => transition numérique
    not numérisation, not numérique, not anything else than the one term accepted by the client.

How can I tell Xbench to look for segments where a specific term appears in the source BUT another specific terme DOES NOT show in the target?

Can you help me with that?

The following search should suit your needs:

Source term: "numerization"
Target term: -"transition numérique"
Search mode: simple
PowerSearch: On

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Hi Omartin,
It works perfectly! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hello, Ingrid,
You can also create an entry in a personal checklist. Every time the term “numerization” appears in the source, it will bring all the segments that contain that term and you can check there the translation of each instance.
Hope it helps!

To add a search to a checklist, just run the search. Then, click the Add Last Search to Checklist… link at the right of the Search options toolbar.
To show the search options toolbar, click the Search tab and go to View > Show Toolbar.