Exclusion search with XBench?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m very new to Xbench, and I went through lots of documentation on the software but could not find the answer to my issue, so I hope to find some help among you, expert users.

I need to launch a search in the source text on one specific term, and need Xbench to display the corresponding target segments which do NOT display a specific word.

I tried with the “-term”-syntax, but it doesn’t work… Have you got an idea?


Hi Ingrid,

If you want to search all segments that contain a term in source but do not have a specific word in target, you need to run a search like the following one:

Source term: "term"
Target term: -"term"

Press Ctrl + P to run a PowerSearch and you will get the results.
If your source or target term consists of more than one word, include the term between quotes.

The following video shows how to use powersearch in Xbench.

I also highly recommend you the following links to get started:

  1. Getting Started with Xbench 3.0 playlist (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caBfzr2FDV0&list=PLUVQmKnkffaq4mKYfU2ZMmyYB0VvleloB), a list of short videos that illustrate from the basics to more advanced options.
  2. Xbench Quick Reference Card in pdf format.

Hi Omartin,

Thank you for this very quick and exhaustive answer! As a matter of fact, I already went through a lot of this documentation and that’s why I am actually able to do quite some interesting things with this great software.

Unfortunately, the search you mentionned doesn’t seem to work: if I run just the target search on, say, “shall”, I do get the segments containing that word in their source part.

But than I add this -“doit”, so that XBench can display only those segments with “shall” in the source but NO “doit” in the target, and I get only an empty screen with both search fields coloring in red.

So I am confused as to what I’m doing wrong… Do you have an idea?

Do you press Ctrl+P instead of pressing Enter to run the search?
If I enter the following terms:
Source term: "file"
Target term: -"archivo"
and then press Ctrl+P instead of pressing Enter or clicking the Search button I get the following results on an English to Spanish Xbench project.

You can also get the same results if you click on the triangle button next to search and select PowerSearch at the dropdown list.

I’m just a stupid old rat! Of course it works wonderfully when pressing CTRL+P after, and not before the search…
Would you by chance know if I can use more than 1 criteria fort this search? Like “shall” // “doit” + “doivent”?

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These are examples that combine PowerSearch and logical operators AND and OR.

The following search will find all segments that contain file AND computer.
Source term: "file" "computer"
Source term: "file" AND "computer"
Press Ctrl + P to run PowerSearch.

You can also search all segments that contain one of two terms:
Source term: "file" OR "computer"
Press Ctrl + P to run PowerSearch.

Logical operators AND and OR can be combined to refine results. For instance, run the following search to get all segments that contain either “computer” or “PC” in source but not “computadora” or “ordenador” in target:
Source term: "PC" OR "computer"
Target term: -"ordenador" -"computadora"
Press Ctrl + P to run PowerSearch.

The quick reference card and the youtube videos on our youtube channel illustrate more case samples.

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Thank you, it works wonders :slight_smile:
I had tried with a French syntax “term” ET “term” or “term” & “term” and never thought of putting it in English…