How to exclude Target segments that are the same as Source

Can I exclude target segments that are the same as Source?
I think it will be very helpful in order to reduce time handling any files that include a lot of strings that should be the same as Source because in this case, users don’t need to check any keyterm errors.

To exclude segments where target is same as source when checking key terms, it is necessary to use a checklist.

Source: "^(.+)=1$" "term"
Target: -^@1$ -"term"
PowerSearch: On.
Search mode: Regular Expressions

Replace term in source with the source term and term in target with the term translation.

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Thanks for sharing a useful checklist rule.
It seems to be very useful when I use a small amount of key terms.
However, I usually use many key terms, so it will be quite a burden for me to apply every key term in the rule.

I hope that the excluding option will be added in the future.