Combining Xbench projects

Is there a way to combine one or more Xbench projects (*.xbp) in one single project? Example: I have created a project with all my master TMs and TBs, lets call it Project A. When I receive a new job, I always create a new project in Xbench with the files of this specific job and then I add my master TMs and TBs to this new project. Instead of adding them one by one all over again, I would like to simple add the Project A, so they would be added all at once. Is it possible? How?
Thanks in advance for your attention.

We will enter this issue into our DB so that it can be considered for a future release.

You can try a different way. Just create a “master” Xbench project you add your master TMs and TBs to. When receive a new project, you can just add those files to the “master” Xbench file and save it with a different filename.

Hi Oscar!
It is a good idea, but sometimes I have more than one “master” project (for instance, a master project for a certain language and another one for a certain client) and the thing gets complicated…
But I’m already feeling happy if this matter can be considered by the XBench team in the future.
Thanks a lot.