XTM, Dita and Xbench

Hello, we use XTM as our cat tool and we are looking to introduce Xbench for our QA.
I downloaded a version and tried it directly in the XTM interface, which works great… except, it seems that I can only QA file by file.
And I have tons of very small dita files )) So I need to run consistency over the entire project rather than file by file.
What am I missing ? Any suggestions please?


I’m afraid, this feature needs to be implemented on the XTM side.

If XTM adds more documents to the .xbpkg file, they will be loaded by Xbench, as Xbench already supports the multi-document use case.

You may want to contact XTM with this feature suggestion/request, as it would certainly be a very useful addition.

As a workround, you can package all documents in a xliff export. With this workaround Xbench will load them, but unfortunately the Edit Segment feature will not be available