X entries found. N entries reported

Hello everyone,

I am working with a large translation/source document and I never before noticed the message in the footer of XBench, in my current search (under the search tab): 383 entries found, 32 entries displayed.
I have used this function to edit my translation, and now I realize that I probably didn’t get all entries that I wanted to edit.

  1. How do I do get to see all those entries that were found?
  2. Where are the settings for this function, if available?
  3. Or how would I get better results?

I searched in the help files for “entries found” and “entries reported” but could not find anything. I have always assumed I was geting all entries in the search. Can someone explain how this works?

I am looking forward to getting enlightened…

Update: I did find the link: “click here to show all matches” and this seems to be another instance for which I have to learn searching with regex. I think I answered all three of my own questions.

If search options are not visible, press Ctrl+3 to display the search options toolbar.

Enable Show All Matches checkbox to display all matches when searching.

If you want to get only matches from ongoing translation, enable the Only Ongoing Translation checkbox.

In addition, you can filter results from ongoing translation by enabling the following checkboxes:

  1. Only New Segments
  2. Only 100% Segments
  3. Exclude ICE Segments

I recommend you to watch the “Getting Started With Xbench 3.0” playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUVQmKnkffaq4mKYfU2ZMmyYB0VvleloB) to get familiar with Xbench.

There are more short videos on our youtube channel that illustrate other case samples.

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