Show All Matches does not work properly

My system data:
Windows 10
Xbench 3.0.0 Build 1401 64-Bit Edition

Hi, everybody!

Even checking the box “Show All Matches” I am getting only about 60% of all occurrences. Is it a bug, or did I miss something in setting the project?


Thank you.

Hi Silvia,

It is not a bug. It occurs if you enable the Remove Duplicates check box when adding files to the Xbench project.

If you check this box, ApSIC Xbench will consolidate all identical source+target entries in a given file into only one search result. The number of entries consolidated will be shown under the # column in the search results.

Therefore, Xbench finds 409 entries but displays 229 entries. If you look at the # column, the # column in the search results contains the number of entries that are identical in a given file.



It makes all sense now. Thank you very much, Oscar.

Best regards,

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