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Improvements to the Search View

Hi, people!

I’d rather do my searches here in Xbench instead using the CAT tool. Even so, I think the Search View could be a little more helpful. Please see the attached image, for better understanding what I am asking for.

  1. First of all I miss a title for the columns. I think that the fifth column is the Score, right?

  2. So, besides the score, it would be more helpful if we had a column with the Status, so we could easily differentiate segments approved from those not yet approved. The way it is now, we must go searching one by one in panel below.

  3. Another improvement would be if we could choose which columns do we want to view, and the order of them.

  4. One annoying thing is the sequence of results. They appear randomly and I think they should appear in ascending order, as they are in the file. I always have to click on the column name of file to see them in the correct order.

Thanks for you attention,