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Expecting New Version of Xbench with improvements

Hi everyone,

I hope Xbench can be improved based on the following items:

  1. “Ignore Tags” option can’t be reflected in checklist, even if I was using it for searching and added my search expression to checklist. So a lot of false-positive errors are reported in my checklist checking.

  2. I need more space in lower pane of checking results, but I can’t hidden the upper pane (containing options) or drag the divider line up.

  3. How should I check if the underline formatting in source text is missing in translation?

  4. Can you provide the regular expression of every build-in QA option? So I can customize them to reduce false-positive errors.

I’m licensed user of 1520 and you can always reach me at hyang@acclaro.com.

Thank you very much and I’m expecting a more powerful new version of Xbench!

Kind regards,


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