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User-defined default search/QA settings every time you open a XBP



I would like to know if there is any way to “store” user-defined search/QA settings so that I do not have to keep ticking the boxes I regularly use.

For instance, I generally perform searches with the Show All Matches, Ignore Tags and Normalize Whitespace (this one, both for Source and Target) checkboxes activated, so every time I open, reload or switch to any Xbench project, I have to tick them back. Not a big deal, really, but lazy as I am, it would be great if there was any way to tell Xbench that I want some search options always enabled by default.

For QA, it is highly project/client-dependent, but it would be great I could always have some specific QA settings enabled/disabled by default. For instance, some glossaries may be “noisier” than others, so perhaps you want to run at first all available checks except for the Key Terms check (and run this check afterwards separately); or perhaps you don’t want to run a specific check because you have created a Personal checklist that works better for your specific tastes/purposes/clients/languages.

So, to sum up. Is there any way to enable/disable search/QA options as presets for all projects? (Or for specific XBP files?).

Thank you in advance for your help!

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For QA (not for search), there are xml files that allow you to specify the QA Settings. Basically, Xbench is launched with a command line switch that refers to the XML file, which in its turn refers to the xbp file.

The XML format in question is documented here.


Hi Manuel,
If you save your searches to personal or project checklists, those lists will be available for you when you reopen the program, and you can then reuse those searches during QA.


Thank you for your prompt answer, @pcondal!

It’s a pity you cannot load a XBP automatically with search options presets. Could this possibility be considered for future updates?

OK, If I understood it right, in order to use a Xbench project with preset QA options, Xbench must be launched via the command prompt indicating the relevant XML setings file using the -o switch. Does that mean that Xbench must be shut down in order to open a project with preset QA settings this way? Will definitely give it a try, although I think that perhaps this feature would be faster and more user-friendly if there was an option in Xbench to save currently selected QA settings as XML settings file and/or to load a XML settings file into current project.

IMHO, ideally, Xbench should allow users to automatically load ALL projects with the same search/QA settings, allowing the possibility to load specific QA settings for any given open project. But well, I’m no programmer and I do not know if this would imply a major change in Xbench coding.

As I said, it is not that ticking boxes on/off is a big problem, but as I said, lazy as I am, I just wanted to save those little seconds I spend ticking the same checkboxes over and over again. At least now I know that I can do it (although only for individual projects and for QA purposes) through the XML settings file.

Thank you!

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Hi @RSchiaffino,
Thank you, but what I was referring to were the search options (Show All Matches, Ignore Tags, etc.), regardless of the Source Term and Target Term fields.

It’s true that saving a search with my preferred search options in a checklist and running said checklist item every time I opened a XBP might be faster that ticking boxes one by one, but my idea was rather to have all my preferred search options enabled by default on ALL projects I opened. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

Thank you!

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