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Tamil letters showing as Junk 'Boxes'

Hello there,

I have been using ApSIC Xbench trial version 3.0.0 Build 1520 64-bit-edition(Tamil Language) and it shows target segment as Junk Characters(PFA) in the bottom.

This leaves us clueless about the what exactly the error is and where it is actually in a comparatively bigger target sentences. This consumes a lot of time.

We are planning to move to the paid version within 5days, kindly help us solve this issue asap.

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Right-click any segment and select Change Font. Select Arial Unicode as font and click OK.
Is the text at the details section displayed correctly?

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I see only ‘Arial’ font and there is no ‘Arial Unicode’ available. even after changing it to ‘Arial’, the text at the details section are not displayed correctly.

Got it fixed. thank you!