Xbench 2.9 - Invalid character

Hi, i have Xbench 3.0 installed and am using the following check list item for the Target which works great.

“[A-z]@(-)(me|te|se|(?o)|(?a)|o|a|lhe|no|vo)*” -“e-mail” -“e-mails” -“check-out” -“Shangri-la” -“pré-pago” -“pré-pagos” -“ar-condicionado” -“meio-dia” -“https”

MS Word Wildcard
Power search - On

However, i have a vendor who uses X bench version 2.9 and they are getting an Invalid character error when they try to add the above as a check list item.

The issue seems to be with the dash character “-” that is in the () brackets

Example: [A-z]@(-)

Any suggestions.


Hi. i got it partially working by double escaping the the - character

“[A-z]@(\-)(me|te|se|(?o)|(?a)|o|a|lhe|no|vo)*” -“e-mail” -“e-mails” -“check-out” -“Shangri-la” -“pré-pago” -“pré-pagos” -“ar-condicionado” -“meio-dia” -“https”

However the terms in the expression that i do not want to find are showing up in the results

Terms not to find:
-“e-mail” -“e-mails” -“check-out” -“Shangri-la” -“pré-pago” -“pré-pagos” -“ar-condicionado” -“meio-dia” -“https”

These terms did not show up in the results for version 3.0 but are now showing up in version 2.9

Help appreciated.

Got it working (as close as), it seems in version 2.9, the - in the terms also needs to be escaped

-“e-mail” -“e-mails” -“check-out” -“Shangri-la” -“pré-pago” -“pré-pagos” -“ar-condicionado” -“meio-dia” -“https”


Any of the characters used in regular expressions syntax []{}\-+*.^$<>()%@ must be escaped if they should be escaped when they are searched as characters.

Please note that " is escaped as "" to be searched as a single character when using PowerSearch.