About Error 101 <?xml. and Character garbled

Hello all.
I’m using Xbench 2.9(Freeware) and Xbench Plugin for SDL Trados.

  1. I translated English to Korean on Trados.
    And Right-clicked my projects and then clicked Run QA on Xbench.
    After that, I got the error sign like ‘Case 1’ above.

  2. So, I tried to open Xbench first and then imported my project on Xbench, and it works!.
    But, the result is like ‘Case 2’ above. My Korean(Target) words are all garbled.
    And it looks Target words moved to Source column, so Target column says ‘Untranslated.’

Regarding issue 1: our Xbench plugin for Studio requires that you install Xbench 3.0. There is no Xbench plugin for Studio for Xbench 2.9.

Regarding issue 2: off the top of my head I’m not sure if Xbench 2.9 supports .wsxz files. If you send a sample file to support, we should be able to tell.