Can not load any file for QA in Xbench 2.9, as per No glossaries defined error message pops up


This error message is what i get everytime, even if it’s marked as an ongoing translation. Can somebody give me a solution for this issue? Thank you

This can happen if the ongoing translation file has a type that is different from the type chosen in Project Properties.

Xbench recognizes the file type, but the error is still there.

Well, the rabbit hole goes deeper. After I managed to make it work on another computer, i have loaded the spell check plugins for Romanian and Hungarian and now i get the Runtime error, and everything freezes.

If you managed to successfully load the file in another computer with Xbench 2.9, I suggest checking in Project->Properties if the file type is the same on both computers. If the behaviour is different, most likely the Xbench project file types differ.

Regarding runtime errors, in case you are using Windows 10, please note that Xbench 2.9 development was frozen in 2011. Therefore Xbench 2.9 only fully supports the operating system that was around back then, Windows 7.

If you use Xbench 2.9 with Windows 10, you may run into issues here and there.