English to Tamil


I’m a translator who translates English source into Tamil Target. Tamil is a South Indian Classical Language for which I don’t see any dictionary found in Xbench 3.0.0 Build 1520 64-bit-edition(trial version).

Kindly help.

To check Tamil spelling and grammar, add your bilingual files to your Xbench 3.0 project as Ongoing Translation. Then, press Ctrl+W or go to Tools > Export Ongoing Translation to MS Word.

In Word, check spelling and grammar. To fix an offending issue, select the text and press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to search the text in your files. Press Ctrt+E to edit the target text.

Please note that it is required to install the MS Office Proofing Tools for Tamil.

Does Xbench not provide a Dictionary for Tamil Language for us to install and use like it has for many other languages?

Xbench 3.0 does not currently have a Tamil spellchecking dictionary. For languages not supported by the Xbench instant spellchecker, the export to Word has been created in order to check spelling and grammar.

Thanks! But it is a tedious process to export each and every file to Word to check for Spelling and Grammar as we are handling high volumes. Moreover we are planning to go for paid version of Xbench in a month. This is one challenge we see in Xbench now and It would be great if you provide Tamil Dictionary in Xbench itself anytime sooner. TIA.

It is not necessary to export every bilingual file to a Word. You can add all bilingual files in your CAT tool project (including subdirectories) and export all segments of all files to a single Word file to check spelling and grammar.