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Several users using the same checklist from a shared directory



I would like to know if it is perfectly OK under any circumstances for several people to load/use/modify the same checklist from a shared directory.

For instance, let’s imagine that Translator A, B and C work together and they have a collaborative checklist all of them feed periodically with new checks.

Now let’s imagine that one of them (say, Translator A) made some updates on such checklist while all of them are simultaneously working with Xbench and have said checklist loaded from the same shared directory (stored in a networked drive, nas or the like).

Would such changes be kept under any circumstances or is there a potential risk of change loss/overwriting/deletion?

Or is it always safer to have all these translators load a local copy instead and edit only a separate checklist that nobody (or only one of them) can add to their Xbench?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,



Hello Manuel. My team and I, we work with Xbench checklists in the way you have described. Our checklists are stored in a shared server and we use them concurrently with no problems. I am in charge nof managing them so I am the only one who edits them, so I am unsure about many people modifying checklists at the same time. It would probably be best to avoid that. Regards!


Hello Claudia (and sorry for the belated answer),

Thank you for your confirmation. Good to know! In our case, it’s also essentially me who manages and updates checklists, so I guess there should not be any problem loading them from a shared server.




Please note that if your shared checklists contain inherited checklist, you should update to the last public available. Instead of saving the absolute path to the inherited checklist, Xbench points to a relative path.

If you have any colleague that has no access to the shared location, the most recommended way is to save all checklist at the same folder and send that folder to any colleague.