Create long checklist


In XBench 2.9, I am trying to create a new checklist with many items, and of course I would rather not create each item individually, as this would be very time consuming. I have found this thread about a batch process for creating a checklist and it does say that it can be done, although it does not explain how. It just says that someone with programming capabilities should be able to compile checklists from “other sources,” but what is the step prior to converting to .xml? Is there a template table that I can use?

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The best approach is to create one entry in a new checklist with all the settings that you want to use (.i.e. regular expression, PowerSearch, case-sensitive, etc).

The resulting .xbclk file, which is a XML file will be your template.

From that point there are several strategies, for example:

  • Create a program or script that populates the .xbckl file with more entries following the pattern of the first entry.
  • Build an Excel file or a Google Docs file arranging cells so that source an target end up in fixed columns so that you can rows as required and once done in Excel or Google Docs, copy everything to a text editor, remove all tabs and save as .xbclk.