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Checklists don't work on 2.9

Hi all,

I am writing as we have created several checklists for a project in Xbench 3.0, and we want to share them for users working with version 2.9.

It works in most cases, but in some instances the checklists simply fail to load.

If we drag and drop them into the Checklist Management pane, it shows the below:

If we add it by “Checklist” > “Add” > “Local”, it shows the below.

This happens only for some checklists, which happen to be the longest ones, so I thought there was a limitation to the amount of checks the 2.9 checklists can hold.
However, I tried dividing the checks into several checklists, but the same issue happens.

Is there a problem I am not seeing? Thanks.

Hi all,

I found a workaround:

The problem was caused by Xbench checklist version number (supposed to be a 1.0).
This causes the checklist to break in version 2.9.

We can fix this easily. However, any idea why this happened? None of the more recent checklists had this problem.


I really think that people still using version 2.9 should switch to 3.0. Not only v. 2.9 is increasingly outdated (and thus limited), but by switching to 3.0 such users would provide money that is no doubt necessary for the continued development of Xbench.