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RegEx Upper / lower case sequence


RegEx requested for:
Upper case sequence followed by lower case without any white space between them (see example in target).

Random copy and paste issue.

This DTC is stored when a malfunction occurs.

ELECTRIC EGR CONTROL VALVE ASSEMBLYDieser DTC wird gespeichert, wenn eine Funktionsstörung vorliegt.

Thanks in advance.



Hi Susanne,

The following regular expression should display all segments that contain 2 or more Upper case followed by 2 or more lowercase without any whitespaces between them.

Target: <[A-Z]{2,}[a-z]{2,}>
Search mode: Regular Expressions
Case Sensitive checkbox: on.

Depending on the target language, it is necessary to add special characters such as ß, ä, etc. between square brackets.
For instance, in German it would be <[A-ZßÄËÏÖÜ]{2,}[a-zßäëïöü]{2,}>.

Best regards,


Hi Oscar,

It works like a charm! Thanks a lot for your speedy reply.

Your help is much appreciated.

With kind regards,