Rule for terminology check

I am trying to find a rule for terminology checks, where the target terms are built of several words but each part can change depending on the grammar case.

For example: Bedienungsanleitung = návod k obsluze
I search with Regex and Powersearch:
Source: “<Bedienungsanleitung.{0,2}>” (to get Bediedungsanleitung and Bedienungsanleitungen)
Target: -"<náv.{0,5}> <k.{0,3}> <obsl.{0,5}>" (to get “návod k obsluze” and “návodem k obsluze”)

I have a long list, where I have the impression, that it seems to work in some cases, but I don’t see the mistake here in the example.

Or is there a better way to do such terminology checks?

Thnx a lot.

Maybe try changing to -"<náv.{1,5}> <k.{1,3}> <obsl.{1,5}>"