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Regex to find words in Target that start with

Hi, i am trying to create a regex in a check list item to find words in the Target that start with “forne” but not if it is in the words “fornecedor” and “fornecedores”

Help is appreciated as i have been trying for the last couple of hours but not getting the results.

Thanks, Hugh

This search should help:

Target: “<forne” -“fornecedor(es)?”

Powesearch: on

Search mode: regular expression

Please note that this regex will no detect any segment that contain words starting with forne and the words fornecedor and fornecedores.

Thank you Òscar, it works great.

Can i be bold and ask another query. I have been given a .bckl file with the following:

Target: [A-z]@(rei|rás|rá|remos|reis|rão|REI|RÁS|RÁ|REMOS|REIS|RÃO)>
Search mode: MS Word Wildcard.

I have been asked if it is possible to modify so that it does not flag the word “padrão”
I appreciate your help as once again i am stuck.

Thanks, Hugh

I would use like the following search:

Target: “<[A-z]@(rei|rás|rá|remos|reis|rão|REI|RÁS|RÁ|REMOS|REIS|RÃO)>” -“padrão”

Powesearch: on

Please note that segments containing the first word and also padrão will not be detected by this search.

Thanks Òscar, much appreciated.