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Looking for strings between { }

I am having difficulty creating a search for terms between { }. When selecting Word wildcard it throws an error both for “”{""}"" and "{}".

Also, is there a detailed list for this type of search with examples, the one in the doc is a bit short, and does not always have examples?

I would use the following search to find terms between {}.

Source: \{[^\}]+\}
Search mode: Regular Expressions

Thanks, it works in the search field, but how could I use it into the checklist manager?
I.e. I need to find strings that have text between {} in the target, but not into the source.

To find segments that contains text between {} in target, but not in source, you should use this other search:

Source: -"\{[^\}]+\}"
Target: "\{[^\}]+\}"
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On