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How to catch missing source words in the target text


I have to make sure all words delimited by backquotes (keywords) on the source text exist in the target text. This is a sample source text:

Either `unit_amount` or `unit_amount_decimal` must be provided inside `price_data`.

Valid characters for each keyword are a-z, 0-9 and _ (underscore). Each sentence can have 0 to n keywords (so far, up to 6). The target text should have all keywords form the source text.

I’m trying to check that using regular expressions:

Source: “(<`([a-z]%|[0-9]|_)*`>)=1”
Target: -"(@1)"

Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On

But this works only with the first keyword of the sentence. In the example above, a missing unit_amount in the target text is detected, but missing unit_amount_decimal or price_data are not.

Is there a way to make sure all missing keywords on the target text are detected?



It is necessary to create entries that look for more than 1 item. For instance, the following search will detect those strings that contain at least 2 keywords in source but there is at least one missing in target.

Source: “(<`[0-9a-z_]+`>)=1.*(<`[0-9a-z_]+`>)=2”
Target: -@1 OR -@2
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On

To detect strings with 3 items but at least one of them is missing in target, use the following one:

Source: “(<`[0-9a-z_]+`>)=1.(<`[0-9a-z_]+`>)=2.(<`[0-9a-z_]+`>)=3”
Target: -@1 OR -@2 OR -@3
Search mode: Regular Expressions
PowerSearch: On

You can define up to nine variables.