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Check currencies in source and target

Is there any chance to create a regular expression that checks if several currencies have been used in the source as well as in the target?

For example, I would like to check whether “USD”, “GBP”, “EUR”,… appear in the source and in the target.

I wanted to use this regular expression:
Source: “GBP” OR “USD”
Target: -“GBP” OR -“USD”
PowerSearch ON
Regular Expression

But it seems it does not work.
any help would be really appreciated.

The canned ALLUPPERCASE mismatch QA check can be of help here as it will report any missing or extraneous sequence of uppercase letters.

If you want to do it with Regex, you can use this:

  • Source: ((USD|GBP|EUR))=1
  • Target: -@1
  • Case sensitive: Enabled
  • PowerSearch: Enabled
  • RegEx: Enabled

What the above does is first to look for any of the 3 currencies in the segment and when found, store it in variable 1. Then it checks if the value stored in variable 1 is not found in target with Xbench PowerSearch NOT (minus sign).

Thank you so much!!! I do work a lot with finance texts and this will be really helpful.
I’ll check this and let you know if it works :slight_smile:

Update: it worked!!!