Find words with capitalized initials

How to check words with capitalized initials in sentences by using the Checklist?

In the target like below samples:

  1. Choose Annual or Monthly Billing
  2. Customized plans with Advanced Data security

Should find "Choose Annual“, “Monthly Billing”, “Advanced Data” from the above samples

To find such terms, the fastest way should be the following:

  1. At the Search tab, run the Search. For instance, if “Advanced Data” is translated into Spanish as “Datos Avanzados”:
    Source: "Advanced Data"
    Target: -"Datos Avanzados"
    Case Sensitive checkbox: Enabled.
    PowerSearch: On (Ctrl+P)
  2. Click the Add Last Search to Checklist… link at the right of the Search options toolbar.

Alternatively, create a glossary in tab-delimited text file format. Column A should be source and column B target.

  1. Add source and target terms including capitalization.
  2. Save the file and add it to your Xbench project as Key Terms.
  3. At the QA tab, enable the Key Term Mismatch checkbox at the Content check group.
  4. Enable the Case-sensitive Key Terms checkbox at the Options section.
  5. Run QA.

Sorry I did not make the question clearly.

If there are any words with capitalized initials in the target sentences, the checklist needs to list them all in the report.

In below sample: the checklist needs to find “Internet Data Fesources” in the report

  1. Advantages of Internet Data Fesources and natural language processing technology

Source: ([A-Z][a-z\-]+[:space:])+([A-Z][a-z\-]+>)
Case Sensitive: Enabled
PowerSearch: Off
Search Mode: Regular Expressions

This search should find segments containing 2 or more words starting with uppercase.

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