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Refresh (F5) doesn't work properly

After modifying a glossary file, when I press F5 or click on the Refresh button on the toolbar, the search list flashes for a second and the revised glossary disappears from the search list. When I click on the Reload button (Shift + F5) while the modified file is still open, the Search list shows an error and I’ll need to restart Xbench 3.0. To reflect changes made in a glossary file, I need to close the file first and click Reload.


There is no such issue on Xbench 2.9. When I press F5 after modifying a glossary file while it is still open, I can see the changes in the search list right away. Is it a bug on Xbench 3.0? Or is there any way I can make this work on 3.0?

@dolpha , which is the file format of the glossary file that won’t reload?

I’m sorry for the delayed response. (I thought I would receive an email notification.)

So far, I’ve tested with only text files, which are most of my glossaries. Thank you.

@dolpha , which Xbench 3.0 build are you using (shown in Help->About)?

Also, when a .txt file does not load, do you have it currently open with some other application such as Microsoft Excel?

I’m sorry, I just rolled back to 2.9. I installed 3.0 about three weeks ago, so it’s probably the latest build. I use Excel to organize terms and then convert it to the tab-delimited file. After that, I refresh Xbench to make sure the changes are implemented. It works fine with 2.9 while Excel is still open. I’ll use 2.9 for a while, so no hurry for the fix. Thank you.